Congress Center

Congress center is on two different floors: 1100 sqm for lower floor and 700 sqm for upper floor for a total of 1800 sqm.

Lower floor is composed by one big multipurpose room, an adjoining area (welcoming, information, coffee and so on ), a wide cloakroom, a control room, room for interpreters, bathrooms and offices.

Lower floor
ELBA Meeting Room: maximum capacity 400 people
Adjoining area 100 sqm
Cloakroom 60 sqm
GIANNUTRI Meeting Room 80 sqm
Offices: 50 sqm
Upper floor is composed by a foyer with two different entrances, a circular course around the main meeting room with direct view on it, a smoking room and a meeting room

Upper floor

Entrance Mq. 120 sqm
MONTECRISTO Meeting Room 50 sqm : maximum capacity 18 people
GIGLIO Meeting Room 90 sqm : maximum capacity 60 people
Circular course 2500 sqm